So do women really like big, thick penises ?

Western culture is permeated with the idea that bigger is better – big cars, big houses, even bigger portions at restaurants – we are a society that likes things on a grand scale. Of course, this way of thinking also extends to the area of male penis size. Men and women both value a large penis and view it as a positive physical trait. Despite the fact that penises come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, the Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research found that the majority of men have a penis length that falls between 5 and 7 inches.

What do they say ? Read Jenna and Amber.

But does a large penis actually translate into better sex? For one female interviewee, who we’ll call “Jenna,” it sure does! “Size really does matter in the bedroom. I’ve been privileged to have a few partners with some super sized penises and not only did I love looking at them, I loved the way they felt when we had sex.”

Said interviewee “Amber,” “I once had sex with a guy with an embarrassingly small penis. The sex was so bad; I had to excuse myself to finish off on my own.” Virtually no women interviewed reported that they preferred a small penis to a big penis.

Small, thin penises do not offer the same sexual rewards as a large, thick and big penis. This is particularly true if a woman’s vagina has been stretched due to childbirth. Women report that a big penis is the most satisfying as it stimulates a larger area of sensitive tissue.

Research has shown that given the choice, women prefer a big penis to a long, thin one. One woman reported that she “would rather have sex with a man who has a thick, big penis instead of a long narrow one that hits my cervix during penetration.”

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In fact, the vast majority of the 200 women over 18 who were interviewed, regardless of age, ethnicity, or sexual experience, rated girth higher than length. Respondents enjoyed the feeling of a meaty penis stimulating their vaginal wall over a long penis that reached too deep inside.

Most people have heard about the racial stereotypes regarding penis size and sexual prowess, but do these ideas have any basis in fact? According to interviewee “Tammi,” “the African-American men I’ve been with absolutely seem to be bigger down there than my white partners. Not only that, but they are more confident lovers who don’t hold anything back when trying to please me.” Scientific studies have shown that African-American men, on average, have slightly larger penises that Caucasian males (by about ½ an inch) and that an Asian man’s penis tends to be about ½ an inch shorter than a Caucasian’s.

Research has shown time and again that women buy into the bigger is better notion when it comes to penis size, but that a bigger girth measurement is much more highly regarded than penis length. Moreover, women want a man who is confident in bed and knows how to use what he has to the fullest extent.


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